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    Base Login Module that uses X509Certificates as credentials for authentication. This login module uses X509Certificates as a credential. It takes the cert as an object and checks to see if the alias in the truststore/keystore contains the same certificate. Subclasses of this module should impleme ...
    An abstract subclass of AbstractServerLoginModule that imposes an identity == String username, credentials == String password view on the login process. <p> Subclasses override the <code>getUsersPassword()</code> and <code>getRoleSets()</code> methods to return the exp ...
  • org.apache.catalina.realm.JAASMemoryLoginModule
    <p>Implementation of the JAAS <strong>LoginModule</strong> interface, primarily for use in testing <code>JAASRealm</code>. It utilizes an XML-format data file of username/password/role information identical to that supported by <code>org.apache.catalina.realm.M ...
    <p>Implementation of a JAAS Realm. (by a wrapper) It uses the entry JAAS_CONFIG_NAME from the JAAS config file @author Florent Benoit @author Alexandre Thaveau (JAAS support with JOnAS) @author Marc-Antoine Bourgeot (JAAS support with JOnAS)
  • org.jdesktop.swing.auth.JAASLoginService
    <b>JAASLoginService</b> implements a <b>LoginService</b> that uses JAAS for authentication. <b>JAASLoginService</b> uses the server name as name of the configuration for JAAS. @author Bino George
    Common login module utility methods @author @version $Revision: 1.1 $
    This implementation of <i>Officier</i> uses JAAS for authentication and authorization. <p> In order to use this implementation, remember to set the system property accordingly as specified in JAAS documentation or in the documentation of the applic ...
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