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  • org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator
    Contributors: Mark Womack Arun Katkere
  • org.osgi.util.xml.XMLParserActivator
    A BundleActivator class that allows any JAXP compliant XML Parser to register itself as an OSGi parser service. Multiple JAXP compliant parsers can concurrently register by using this BundleActivator class. Bundles who wish to use an XML parser can then use the framework's service registry to loc ...
  • Examples
    Some examples to show how the Simple API for Transformations could be used. Xalan Developers: please see xml-xalan/test/java/src/org/apache/qetest/trax/ when updating this file, and update that test file as well. @author <a HREF="">Scott Boag< ...
  • org.webdocwf.util.loader.generator.CreateIncludeFiles
    CreateIncludeFiles class creates Xml(ImportDefinition.xml) and Sql( CreateTables.sql, CreateIntegrity.sql, CreateOisAdminData.sql, CreatePrimary.sql and CreateIndex.sql) files, if the input data is database. @author Radoslav Dutina @version 1.0
  • com.genimen.djeneric.web.renderers.LoginRenderer
  • com.lutris.logging.Log4jLogger
    Log4j implementation of the <CODE>Logger</CODE>. This is general-purpose logging facility. A client that needs additional functionality can either extend this class or provide there own implementationm of <CODE>Logger</CODE>. <P> Currently this is a bare-bones clas ...
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