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  • org.apache.batik.svggen.NegativeLengths
    This test validates the convertion of Java 2D negative length values:<br /> - On rectangles: a negative width or height makes the rectangle invisible.<br /> - On rounded rectangles: a negative width or height makes the rectangle invisible.<br /> - On ellipses: a negative width or ...
  • org.jfree.chart.renderer.category.BoxAndWhiskerRenderer
    A box-and-whisker renderer.
  • org.jfree.chart.renderer.xy.XYBoxAndWhiskerRenderer
    A renderer that draws box-and-whisker items on an {@link XYPlot}. This renderer requires a {@link BoxAndWhiskerXYDataset}). <P> This renderer does not include any code to calculate the crosshair point. @author David Browning
    A class containing useful utility methods relating to serialization. @author David Gilbert
  • org.jfree.chart.plot.ThermometerPlot
    A plot that displays a single value (from a {@link ValueDataset}) in a thermometer type display. <p> This plot supports a number of options: <ol> <li>three sub-ranges which could be viewed as 'Normal', 'Warning' and 'Critical' ranges.</li> <li>the thermometer can be r ...
  • org.apache.batik.svggen.SVGEllipse
    Utility class that converts an Ellipse2D object into a corresponding SVG element, i.e., a circle or an ellipse. @author <a HREF="">Vincent Hardy</a> @version $Id:,v 1.10 2004/10/30 16:54:53 deweese Exp $
  • org.jfree.chart.plot.SpiderWebPlot
    A plot that displays data from a {@link CategoryDataset} in the form of a "spider web". Multiple series can be plotted on the same axis to allow easy comparison.
  • org.jfree.chart.renderer.xy.AbstractXYItemRenderer
    A base class that can be used to create new {@link XYItemRenderer} implementations.
  • org.apache.batik.svggen.Clip
    This test validates convertion of Java 2D clip inot SVG clipPath definition and attributes. @author <a HREF="">Christophe Jolif</a> @author <a HREF="">Vincent Hardy</a> @version $Id:,v 1.3 2004/08/18 07:16:44 vhardy E ...
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