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  • org.objectweb.jorm.xml2mi.lib.EmptyObject
    The EmptyObject testcase tests cases when object are empty but works for the dtd parsing. In a first time, all these tests fail, because the verifier is not yet implemented. When this part will be done all these tests must work well. Tested objects are :<ul> <li>Class <li>GenClas ...
    This class is both a factory for XPath location path expressions, which are built from the opcode map output, and an analysis engine for the location path expressions in order to provide optimization hints.
  • org.objectweb.jorm.xml2mi.lib.MultipleObject
    MultipleObject testcase verifies the behavior when many objects from the same type are defined more than one time: <ul> <li>more than one Class <li>more than one GenClass <li>more than one Extension on Class object <li>more than one PrimitiveType on Field object </ ...
  • org.apache.jasper.compiler.TagFileProcessor
    1. Processes and extracts the directive info in a tag file. 2. Compiles and loads tag files used in a JSP file. @author Kin-man Chung A visitor the tag file
  • org.apache.axis.components.compiler.CompilerFactory
    This class implements a factory to instantiate a Compiler. @author <a HREF="">Davanum Srinivas</a> @author <a HREF="">Stefano Mazzocchi</a> @since 2.0
  • org.apache.jasper.compiler.Validator
    Performs validation on the page elements. Attributes are checked for mandatory presence, entry value validity, and consistency. As a side effect, some page global value (such as those from page direcitves) are stored, for later use. @author Kin-man Chung @author Jan Luehe @author Shawn Bayern @ ...
    This class extends NodeSetDTM, which implements DTMIterator, and fetches nodes one at a time in document order based on a XPath <a HREF="">UnionExpr</a>. As each node is iterated via nextNode(), the node is also stored in the NodeVector, so that p ...
  • org.eclipse.jdt.internal.eval.CodeSnippetEvaluator
    A code snippet evaluator compiles and returns class file for a code snippet. Or it reports problems against the code snippet.
    Eclipse Java Compiler @version CVS $Id: 156602 2005-03-09 03:55:53Z antonio $
  • org.objectweb.openccm.command.lib.CompilerBase
    Abstract base class for all compiler commands. @author <a HREF="">Christophe Demarey</a> <a HREF="">Philippe Merle</a> @version 1.2
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