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  • test.serialization.SerializeTestCase
    Tests serialization with the RI @todo Proper equality tests instead of toString() @author <a HREF="">Adrian Brock</a>.
  • com.lutris.appserver.server.httpPresentation.HttpSerialized
    This class provides two utility methods for presentation objects that want to read and/or write Java serialized objects. <P> Reading is accomplished by having the client issue a POST request, with the serialized data as the body of the request. <P> Writing is accomplished by simply s ...
  • org.objectweb.jac.core.JacLoader
    The JAC specific class loader for JAC objects. <p>This loader does the following things :</p> <ul> <li>load a set of Properties from all the found "jac.prop" files <li>get from them the choosen wrappeeTranslator <li>instanciate the choosen wrappeTranslator < ...
    <code>PoolNetwork</code> is an implementation of <code>StreamNetwork</code> class that manages multiple connection.
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