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    Utility functions that do not really belong to any class in particular. @version $Id:,v 2001/10/29 20:00:05 jvanzyl Exp $ @author <A HREF="">M. Dahm</A>
    Wrapper class that parses a given Java .class file. The method <A href ="#parse">parse</A> returns a <A href =""> JavaClass</A> object on success. When an I/O error or an inconsistency occurs an appropiate exception i ...
    This class represents the constant pool, i.e., a table of constants. It may contain null references, due to the JVM specification that skips an entry after an 8-byte constant (double, long) entry. @version $Id:,v 2001/10/29 19:59:59 jvanzyl Exp $ @see Constant @autho ...
    This PassVerifier verifies a class file according to pass 2 as described in The Java Virtual Machine Specification, 2nd edition. More detailed information is to be found at the do_verify() method's documentation. @version $Id:,v 2001/10/29 20:00:36 jvanzyl Exp $ @author ...
    Abstract super class for all possible java types, namely basic types such as int, object types like String and array types, e.g. int[] @version $Id:,v 2001/10/29 20:00:28 jvanzyl Exp $ @author <A HREF="">M. Dahm</A>
  • com.roblisa.classfinder.FileParser
    Provides several assorted methods for getting information out of specific files such as packages out of java and class files and links out of .lnk and .url files.
  • org.eclipse.osgi.framework.adaptor.core.DefaultClassLoader
    A concrete implementation of BundleClassLoader. This implementation consolidates all Bundle-ClassPath entries into a single ClassLoader. <p> Clients may extend this class. </p> @since 3.1
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