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  • org.enhydra.oyster.util.PFXUtils
    PFXUtils class has static methods which are dealing with .pfx, or .p12 files. The file (of this types) presents storage for keeping certificate chain and private key. Information from this files are being transported through programs via instance of the Java class KeyStore.
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  • com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfPKCS7
    This class does all the processing related to signing and verifying a PKCS#7 signature. <p> It's based in code found at org.bouncycastle.
    Base Login Module that uses X509Certificates as credentials for authentication. This login module uses X509Certificates as a credential. It takes the cert as an object and checks to see if the alias in the truststore/keystore contains the same certificate. Subclasses of this module should impleme ...
    A class with utility methods that help managing a key store. @author Gerald Brose, FU Berlin @version $Id:,v 1.10 2004/05/06 12:40:01 nicolas Exp $
  • org.apache.jmeter.util.JsseSSLManager
    The SSLManager handles the KeyStore information for JMeter. Basically, it handles all the logic for loading and initializing all the JSSE parameters and selecting the alias to authenticate against if it is available. SSLManager will try to automatically select the client certificate for you, but i ...
  • org.enhydra.oyster.smime.SignedAndEnvelopedSMIME
    SignedAndEnvelopedSMIME class is used for creating and sending signed and encrypted, or encrypted and signed S/MIME messages. Which process will be first (encrypting or signing) is defined in the method signingAndEnveloping by using appropriate parameter: SIGN_FIRST or ENCRYPT_FIRST.<BR> < ...
  • org.faceless.pdf.FormSignature
    <p> This class represents a public key "Digital Signature" which can be used to sign a PDF document. Signatures from existing documents can be verified and new signatures can be added. Signatures not based around a Public Key crypto system are not supported. </p><p> Signatures ma ...
  • org.apache.ajp.RequestHandler
    Handle messages related with basic request information. This object can handle the following incoming messages: - "FORWARD_REQUEST" input message ( sent when a request is passed from the web server ) - "PING REQUEST" input message (sent by the web server to determine if tomcat is not frozen, a PO ...
    <p> Implementation of a JAAS Realm. (by a wrapper) It uses the entry JAAS_CONFIG_NAME from the JAAS config file @author Alexandre Thaveau (JAAS support with JOnAS) @author Marc-Antoine Bourgeot (JAAS support with JOnAS) @author Florent Benoit (Jetty 5.x)
  • org.enhydra.oyster.smime.EnvelopedSMIME
    EnvelopedSMIME class is used for creating and sending encrypted S/MIME message.<BR> <BR> Email message is in general composed of the content of the message and of one or more attachments. The content is visible part of the message, and attacments are mostly files or other binary data, ...
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