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  • org.jacorb.orb.ExceptionHolderImpl
    JacORB-specific implementation of <code>org.omg.Messaging.ExceptionHolder</code>. An instance of this type is used to pass an exception to a reply handler. @author Andre Spiegel <> @version $Id:,v 1.11 2004/05/06 12:40:00 nicolas Exp $
    The class IdlOperation represents an operation on an CORBA IDL interface. Instances are created through one of the create() factory methods in IdlNode. An IdlOperation object has child nodes for each in and inout parameter. @author <a HREF="">Harold Batteram</a& ...
  • org.jacorb.orb.dii.Request
    DII requests @author Gerald Brose, FU Berlin @version $Id:,v 1.16 2004/06/09 05:34:28 Exp $
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