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  • org.webdocwf.util.loader.Loader
    <p> Loader class loads data from source database into target database using criteria set in XML file which is used as parameter. Also Loader can execute SQL statements which import from XML file. <br> All loading rolls are set in XML file. Some capabilities of this loader are: there co ...
  • org.webdocwf.util.loader.CounterColumns
    CounterColumns - insert auto increment values in target counter columns.
  • org.apache.juddi.datastore.jdbc.JDBCDataStore
    @author Steve Viens ( @author Anil Saldhana (
  • org.enhydra.apache.xerces.validators.schema.TraverseSchema
    Instances of this class get delegated to Traverse the Schema and to populate the Grammar internal representation by instances of Grammar objects. Traverse a Schema Grammar: @author Eric Ye, IBM @author Jeffrey Rodriguez, IBM @author Andy Clark, IBM @see org.enhydra.apache.xerces.validators.commo ...
  • org.uddi4j.client.UDDIProxy
    Represents a UDDI server and the actions that can be invoked against it.<P> The API is described in the UDDI API specification available from <A HREF=""> </A>. The UDDI API specification is required to understand and utilize this API. This ...
  • org.javacc.parser.LookaheadWalk
  • org.jboss.ha.framework.server.HAPartitionImpl
    This class is an abstraction class for a JGroups RPCDispatch and JChannel. It is a default implementation of HAPartition for the <a HREF="">JGroups</A> framework @author <a HREF="">Sacha Labourey</a>. @author <a ...
  • org.objectweb.clif.scenario.util.isac.plugin.gui.ParameterWidget
    Implementation of the object which included widgets to edit parameters @author JC Meillaud @author A Peyrard
  • org.objectweb.jac.core.rtti.ClassItem
    This class defines a meta item that corresponds to the <code>java.lang.reflect.Class</code> meta element.<p> @author Renaud Pawlak @author Laurent Martelli
  • sync4j.syncclient.spds.SyncManager
    The <i>SyncManager</i> is the contact point between a host application and the synchronization engine. It is designed to hidden as much as possible the details of the synchronization logic, protocol, communication and so on; the simplest way to use it is to get an instance of the <i ...
  • org.javacc.parser.NfaState
  • org.jboss.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable
    This class represents a table of all of the top-level symbols from a set of WSDL Definitions and DOM Documents: XML types; WSDL messages, portTypes, bindings, and services. <p/> This symbolTable contains entries of the form <key, value> where key is of type QName and value is of type ...
  • org.webdocwf.util.loader.QueryWhereSet
    QueryWhereSet class creates the where condition in sql statement @author Radoslav Dutina @version 1.0
  • org.apache.xalan.xsltc.compiler.XPathParser
    CUP v0.10k generated parser. @version Fri Feb 27 09:33:43 EST 2004
  • org.apache.juddi.AbstractRegistry
    Represents a vesion 2.0 UDDI registry and implements all services as specified in the UDDI version 2.0 specification. @author Steve Viens (
  • org.objectweb.jac.core.MethodPointcut
    This class can be used by JAC aspect components to easily define a set of method points on the base program that the aspects will use to modify its behavior. <p>A method pointcut is defined through four pointcut expressions. For the moment, these pointcut expressions are a simple extension ...
  • org.javacc.parser.JavaCCGlobals
    This package contains data created as a result of parsing and semanticizing a JavaCC input file. This data is what is used by the back-ends of JavaCC as well as any other back-end of JavaCC related tools such as JJTree.
    Abstract class for encode all meta info of a resource into XML. Takes over very much code from UriProperties and AbstractUriProperties, that's why Marc is listed as author as well. @see FileResourceManager @see TxXMLFileDescriptorsStore
    Generates Javadoc documentation for a collection of source code. <P>Current known limitations are: <P><UL> <LI>patterns must be of the form "xxx.*", every other pattern doesn't work. <LI>there is no control on arguments sanity since they are left to the javadoc impl ...
    Bean like implementation of a multi-object registry usable by Castor XML serialization @author <a HREF="">RaphaŽl Luta</a> @version $Id:,v 1.10 2004/02/23 03:31:50 jford Exp $
  • org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SchemaUtils
    This class contains static utility methods specifically for schema type queries. @author Rich Scheuerle (
  • org.jacorb.idl.parser
  • com.jcorporate.expresso.core.controller.ControllerElement
    A ControllerElement is the superclass for the three types of objects that are produced by a Controller when it transitions from one state to another. Output, Input and Transition objects all extend this class, and share the behaviors specified here. IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't use Logging (e.g. log4j ...
  • org.apache.batik.apps.rasterizer.SVGConverterTest
    Validates the operation of the <tt>SVGRasterizer</tt>. It validates the option setting and the manipulation of source and destination sources. @author <a HREF="">Vincent Hardy</a> @version $Id:,v 1.20 2005/04/01 02:28:16 dewees ...
    Creates, Records and Restores Symlinks. <p> This task performs several related operations. In the most trivial and default usage, it creates a link specified in the link attribute to a resource specified in the resource attribute. The second usage of this task is to traverse a directory str ...
  • org.webdocwf.util.i18njdbc.I18nSqlParser
    Class is used for parsing sql statements. @author Zoran Milakovic @author Zeljko Kovacevic
  • org.nfunk.jep.function.Divide
  • org.jrobin.mrtg.client.RpcClient
  • sync4j.syncclient.demo.MainWindow
    The main window for the SyncClient Demo GUI. @author Fabio Maggi @ Funambol @author Alessandro Morandi, Giorgio Orsi @version $Id:,v 1.32 2005/07/14 16:03:24 nichele Exp $
  • org.apache.xalan.xsltc.compiler.FunctionCall
    @author Jacek Ambroziak @author Santiago Pericas-Geertsen @author Morten Jorgensen @author Erwin Bolwidt <> @author Todd Miller Name of this function call Arguments to this function call (might not be any) Empty argument list, used for certain functions Valid namespaces for Jav ...
  • org.apache.jmeter.reporters.FileReporter
    This class loads data from a saved file and displays statistics about it. @author Tom Schneider @version $Revision: 1.15 $
  • org.webdocwf.util.loader.SqlParser
    Class is used for parsing sql statements. @author Zoran Milakovic
  • sync4j.syncclient.sps.pocketpc.PPCDataStore
    This DataStore implementation makes use of JNI to access the ActiveSync RAPI subsystem to read/write the hendheld object store. @author Stefano Fornai $Id:,v 1.3 2005/01/19 11:18:37 fabius Exp $
  • net.nutch.db.DBTester
    DBTester runs a test suite against net.nutch.db.IWebDBWriter and net.nutch.db.IWebDBReader. It tests things by repeatedly: 1. Adding new items and editing existing items in the WebDB, 2. Closing down the db 3. Making sure it's still coherent, via WebDBReader 4. Goto 1 a bunch of times. 5. Te ...
  • org.objectweb.jac.aspects.gui.GuiAC
    This aspect component implements a very simple GUI that allows the user to browse the named object of the system and call methods on them. <p>It implements a MVC design pattern where the controllers are implemented by <code>ViewWrapper</code> instances.<p> @see ViewContro ...
  • cve.esecutori.components.specificaLV.Rule
    Classe contenente informazioni riguardanti una regola di riscrittura
  • org.uddi4j.request.DeleteTModel
    Represents the delete_tModel element within the UDDI version 2.0 schema. This class contains the following types of methods: <ul> <li>A constructor that passes the required fields. <li>A Constructor that will instantiate the object from an appropriate XML DOM element. <li> ...
  • org.jgroups.MergeView
    A view that is sent as result of a merge.
  • samples.attachments.TestRef
    @author Rick Rineholt An example of sending an attachment via messages. The main purpose is to validate the different types of attachment references by content Id, content location both absolute and relative. Creates 5 separate attachments referenced differently by a SOAP document. Each attac ...
  • sessionViewer.presentation.AppDetailPresentation
    Interface for manipulatin the Security Entry on the registry entries @author <a HREF="">Paul Spencer</a> @author <a HREF="">Scott T. Weaver</a> @author <a HREF="">Mark Orciuch</a> @versio ...
  • mc.formgenerator.bonita.Worklist
    Abstract superclass for dotnet compiler tasks. History <table> <tr> <td> 0.1 </td> <td> First creation </td> <td> Most of the code here was copied verbatim from v0.3 of Steve Loughran's CSharp optional task. Abstracted functionality to allow subclassing o ...
  • org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.PluginParser
    Internal class.
    <p> Ancestor class used for all content management resource @author <a HREF="">Christophe Lombart</a>
  • org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.input.RealPathModule
    RealPathModule provides a real filesystem path for a virtual context-relative path. If this mapping cannot be performed (e.g. Cocoon is running in a .war file), <code>null</code> will be returned. @author <a HREF="">Jeff Turner</a> @version CVS $Id: ...
  • org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.opti.SchemaDOM
    @xerces.internal @author Rahul Srivastava, Sun Microsystems Inc. @author Sandy Gao, IBM @version $Id:,v 1.10 2004/12/16 16:45:20 ankitp Exp $
    This class acts as a base class for the XML "serializers" and the stream serializers. It contains a number of common fields and methods. @author Santiago Pericas-Geertsen @author G. Todd Miller
  • com.scalagent.kjoram.Queue
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