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  • org.apache.jmeter.visualizers.TableDataModel
    This class implements the TableModel for the information kept by the GraphModel. @author <a HREF="">Alf Hogemark</a>Hogemark Created March 10, 2002 @version $Revision: 1.13 $ Last updated: $Date: 2004/02/13 01:48:46 $
  • org.jboss.cache.TreeCacheView
    Graphical view of a ReplicatedTree (using the MVC paradigm). An instance of this class needs to be given a reference to the underlying model (ReplicatedTree) and needs to registers as a ReplicatedTreeListener. Changes to the tree structure are propagated from the model to the view (via ReplicatedT ...
  • org.objectweb.jac.aspects.gui.TableSorter
    A sorter for TableModels. The sorter has a model (conforming to TableModel) and itself implements TableModel. TableSorter does not store or copy the data in the TableModel, instead it maintains an array of integers which it keeps the same size as the number of rows in its model. When the model cha ...
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