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  • org.enhydra.apache.xerces.validators.schema.TraverseSchema
    Instances of this class get delegated to Traverse the Schema and to populate the Grammar internal representation by instances of Grammar objects. Traverse a Schema Grammar: @author Eric Ye, IBM @author Jeffrey Rodriguez, IBM @author Andy Clark, IBM @see org.enhydra.apache.xerces.validators.commo ...
  • org.apache.batik.dom.AbstractElement
    This class implements the {@link org.w3c.dom.Element} interface. @author <a HREF="">Stephane Hillion</a> @version $Id:,v 1.29 2005/03/27 08:58:32 cam Exp $
  • org.jaxen.BaseXPathTest
    <p> Tests for org.jaxen.BaseXPath. </p> @author Elliotte Rusty Harold @version 1.1b7
  • org.xquark.util.DOM2SAXAttrs
    Provides a dynamic (no memory structure is built) wrapping of DOM2 to SAX2 attributes (<B>assuming xmlns attributes are removed</B>).
  • com.caucho.xml.QAttributedNode
    Returns a map of the attributes.
  • org.enhydra.xml.ElementImpl
    @author Tweety A class representing a node in a meta-data tree, which implements the <a HREF="../../../../api/org/w3c/dom/Element.html"> <p> Namespaces are ignored in this implementation. The terms "tag name" and "node name" are always considered to be synonymous. @version 1.0
    <meta name="usage" content="internal"/> <code>DTMNodeProxy</code> presents a DOM Node API front-end to the DTM model. <p> It does _not_ attempt to address the "node identity" question; no effort is made to prevent the creation of multiple proxies referring to a single DTM n ...
  • org.jboss.axis.message.NamedNodeMapImpl
    A W3C simple DOM NameNodeMap implementation @author Heejune Ahn (
    This class is an abstract implementation of the Saxon NodeInfo interface; it also contains concrete implementations of most of the DOM methods in terms of the NodeInfo methods. These include all the methods defined on the DOM Node class itself, and most of those defined on subclasses such as Docum ...
  • org.enhydra.xml.lazydom.LazyElementNoNS
    Implementation of the DOM Element without namespaces that supports lazy instantiation of a template DOM. It is used by HTML, where non-standard element names containing `:' are occasionally invented. If this was derived from ElementNSImpl, it would do validation on the name and generate an error ...
  • org.apache.xerces.util.DOMUtil
    Some useful utility methods. This class was modified in Xerces2 with a view to abstracting as much as possible away from the representation of the underlying parsed structure (i.e., the DOM). This was done so that, if Xerces ever adopts an in-memory representation more efficient than the DOM (suc ...
  • org.jbpm.bpel.xml.util.NodeUtil
    @author Alejandro Guízar @version $Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2005/06/23 20:48:05 $
  • org.jboss.util.xml.DOMWriter
    A sample DOM writer. This sample program illustrates how to traverse a DOM tree in order to print a document that is parsed. @version $Revision: $
  • org.apache.xml.serialize.XMLSerializer
    Implements an XML serializer supporting both DOM and SAX pretty serializing. For usage instructions see {@link Serializer}. <p> If an output stream is used, the encoding is taken from the output format (defaults to <tt>UTF-8</tt>). If a writer is used, make sure the writer uses t ...
  • org.jbpm.bpel.xml.BpelReader
    @author Juan Cantú @author Alejandro Guízar @version $Revision: 1.27 $ $Date: 2005/06/23 20:45:04 $
    This is the base class of all DOM parsers. It implements the XNI callback methods to create the DOM tree. After a successful parse of an XML document, the DOM Document object can be queried using the <code>getDocument</code> method. The actual pipeline is defined in parser configuratio ...
  • org.xquark.mediator.DOMUtils.EvaluationVisitor
    A simple class for evaluating en attendant the real evaluator. evaluate the expression and return true or false
  • freemarker.template.utility.DOMNodeModel
    A convenient wrapper class for wrapping a Node in the W3C DOM API. @author <a HREF="">Jonathan Revusky</a>
  • com.caucho.xml.CauchoElement
    CauchoElement extends the DOM, providing for ordered Attributes.
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