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  • org.jdesktop.jdnc.markup.RealizationUtils
    A utility class to handle some redundant chores for object realiztion. Mostly, this class encapsulates a lot of reflective hacks and discrepancies between object realizer implementations. @author Mark Davidson
  • org.jdesktop.jdnc.runner.Application
    XXX This class should be renamed to JDNCLoader or something <p> Application class which instantiates its user interface based on the XML configuration file specified as the command line parameter. <p> The configuration file must adhere to the JDNC schema:<br> TBD </p> @aut ...
  • org.jdesktop.jdnc.markup.elem.ElementProxy
    Represents an element node in a DOM without requiring the DOM implementation to be subclassed. This is important for JAXP version 1.2 and earlier, which effectively disables DOM subclassing in sandboxed code by not providing any way for such code to override the default document builder factory. ...
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