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  • TraxExamples
    Some examples to show how the Simple API for Transformations could be used. @author <a HREF="">Scott Boag</a>
  • Examples
    Some examples to show how the Simple API for Transformations could be used. Xalan Developers: please see xml-xalan/test/java/src/org/apache/qetest/trax/ when updating this file, and update that test file as well. @author <a HREF="">Scott Boag< ...
  • org.apache.excalibur.xml.xslt.XSLTProcessorImpl
    This class defines the implementation of the {@link XSLTProcessor} component. The &lt;use-store&gt; configuration forces the transformer to put the <code>Templates</code> generated from the XSLT stylesheet into the <code>Store</code>. This property is false by defa ...
  • servlet.ApplyXSLT
    ApplyXSLT supplies the basic functions for transforming XML data using XSL stylesheets. @author Spencer Shepard ( @author R. Adam King ( @author Tom Rowe ( @author Don Leslie (
  • org.jboss.varia.deployment.convertor.XslTransformer
    XslTransformer is a utility class for XSL transformations. @author <a HREF="">Alex Loubyansky</a>
    Created by the Exo Development team.
    Handles xslt tranformations via Trax (xalan2)
    The main() method handles the Xalan command-line interface. @xsl.usage general
  • org.jdom.transform.XSLTransformer
    A convenience class to handle simple transformations. The JAXP TrAX classes have more bells and whistles and can be used with {@link JDOMSource} and {@link JDOMResult} for advanced uses. This class handles the common case and presents a simple interface. XSLTransformer is thread safe and may be u ...
  • net.sf.saxon.event.XMLEmitter
    XMLEmitter is an Emitter that generates XML output to a specified destination.
  • JAXPTransletOneTransformation
    Using the TrAX/JAXP 1.1 interface to compile and run a translet. The translet extends the abstract Transformer class and is used to perform a single transformation. If you want to use the translet to perform multiple transformations, see @author Donald Le ...
    import; Created by The eXo Platform SARL . Implementation of Trax Transformer interface @author <a HREF="">Gennady Azarenkov</a> @author <a HREF="">Alexand ...
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