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  • org.jgroups.util.Proxy
    Redirects incoming TCP connections to other hosts/ports. All redirections are defined in a file as for example <pre> </pre> The first line forwards all requests to port 8888 on to at port 80 (it also forwards ...
    SSL server socket factory. @author Harish Prabandham @author Vivek Nagar @author Harpreet Singh
  • org.jboss.iiop.jacorb.SSLServerSocketFactory
    This implementation of the JacORB-specific interface <code>org.jacorb.orb.factory.SSLServerSocketFactory</code> uses the JSSE KeyManagerFactory and TrustManagerFactory objects encapsulated by a JBossSX SecurityDomain. It looks up the <code></co ...
    This class defines a AuthenticatedSSLSocketFactory <p> It is a wrapper around the socket factory in the constructor and sets the setNeedClientAuth to true to enforce client authentication with the public key @author <a HREF="">Marc Wick </a> @version ...
    SSL server socket factory. It _requires_ a valid RSA key and JSSE. @author Harish Prabandham @author Costin Manolache @author Stefan Freyr Stefansson @author EKR -- renamed to JSSESocketFactory @author Jan Luehe @author Bill Barker
  • org.mule.providers.http.HttpsMessageReceiver
    <code>HttpsMessageReceiver</code> is a Https server implementation used to receive incoming requests over https @author <a HREF="">Ross Mason</a> @version $Revision: 3798 $
  • org.mortbay.http.JsseListener
    ------------------------------------------------------------ JSSE Socket Listener. This specialization of HttpListener is an abstract listener that can be used as the basis for a specific JSSE listener. This is heavily based on the work from Court Demas, which in turn is based on the work from F ...
  • com.sslexplorer.server.jetty.CustomJsseListener
    Extension to Jettys {@link org.mortbay.http.JsseListener} that loads its SSL keys from SSL-Explorers keystore using the password that has been configured in the property database. @author Brett Smith <>
    A minimal web server that exclusively handles XML-RPC requests over a secure channel. Standard security properties must be set before the SecureWebserver can be used. The SecurityTool takes care of retrieving these values, but the parent application must set the necessary values before anything w ...
  • com.sun.enterprise.admin.server.core.jmx.ssl.AdminSslServerSocketFactory
    for PE/SE/EE plugaable security infrastructure This is the custom RMI server socket factory that uses the same keystore, truststore, certificate databases all the time. This factory will be used to create the server side sockets when rmi connector server is configured to use SSL. Please read the pa ...
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