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  • org.nightlabs.editor2d.viewer.j2dswt.SWTGraphics2D
    The SWTGraphics2D class wraps the Graphics2D around a given SWt GC and try to mimics as much of the original Graphics2D behavior as possible, only using GC methods. <p> This class can be used wherever a standard Graphics2D object is legal. The main purpose of this class is then to reuse Java ...
  • org.jfree.experimental.swt.SWTGraphics2D
    This is a class utility to draw Graphics2D stuff on a swt composite. It is presently developed to use JFreeChart with the Standard Widget Toolkit but may be of a wider use later.
  • org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.EscherGraphics2d
    Translates Graphics2d calls into escher calls. The translation is lossy so many features are not supported and some just aren't implemented yet. If in doubt test the specific calls you wish to make. Graphics calls are always drawn into an EscherGroup so one will need to be created. <p> < ...
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