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  • org.jgroups.tests.UcastTest
  • org.jgroups.protocols.AUTOCONF
    Senses the network configuration when it is initialized (in init()) and sends a CONFIG event up and down the stack. The CONFIG event contains a hashmap, with strings as keys (e.g. "frag_size") and Objects as values. Certain protocols can set some of their properties when receiving the CONFIG event ...
  • org.jgroups.tests.McastTest
  • org.jgroups.tests.perf.transports.UdpTransport
    @author Bela Ban Jan 22 @author 2004 @version $Id:,v 1.5 2004/10/04 20:43:39 belaban Exp $
    The DatagramSocketFactory interface provides a means for the programmer to control the creation of datagram sockets and provide his own DatagramSocket implementations for use by all classes derived from {@link} . This allows you to provide your own Datag ...
  • org.jgroups.tests.adaptudp.Test
    You start the test by running this class. It only parses the initial params from the config.txt file (or any other file you wish to pass as the argument) and instantiates a new JGroupsTester object.<br> Use parameters -Xbatch -Xconcurrentio (Solaris specific) @author Milcan Prica (prica@deei. ...
  • org.objectweb.jonas.discovery.DiscoveryGreetingListener
    This class is the first thing started by the discovery manager when starting the discovery service. It listens to the multicast group for greeting messages from new servers and if the message received contains the same server ID as that of this instance more than once (one message from the same in ...
  • com.caucho.vfs.Syslog
    Stream which writes to syslog.
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