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  • org.jboss.iiop.rmi.marshal.CDRStream
    Utility class with static methods to: <ul> <li>get the <code>CDRStreamReader</code> for a given class</li> <li>get the <code>CDRStreamWriter</code> for a given class</li> </ul> The <code>CDRStreamReader</code>s and <code&g ...
  • org.jgroups.util.Marshaller
    Title: JGroups Communications Description: Contact me at <a HREF=""></a> Copyright: Copyright (c) 2002 Company: @author Filip Hanik @author Bela Ban @version 1.0 This class marshalls classes, in other words it serializes ...
  • org.jboss.iiop.rmi.Util
    This is a RMI/IIOP metadata conversion utility class. Routines here are conforming to the "Java(TM) Language to IDL Mapping Specification", version 1.1 (01-06-07). @author <a HREF="">Ole Husgaard</a> @version $Revision: 1.8 $
    <p> Records SAX events such that they may be "replayed" at a later time. Provides an alternative serialization approach when externalizing a DOM4J document. Rather than serializing a document as text and re-parsing, the sax events may be serialized instead. </p> Example usage: <pre ...
  • org.jboss.invocation.http.interfaces.ClientMethodInterceptor
    Handle toString, equals, hashCode locally on the client. @author @version $Revision: 1.2 $
  • gcc.rmi.iiop.compiler.SkelCompiler
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