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  • net.nutch.util.GZIPUtils
    A collection of utility methods for working on GZIPed data.
    Represents the identity of an object. <br/> It's composed of: <ul> <li> class of the real object </li> <li> top-level class of the real object (could be an abstract class or interface or the class of the object itself), used to make an object unique across extent clas ...
  • com.sun.syndication.fetcher.impl.HttpURLFeedFetcher
    <p>Class to retrieve syndication files via HTTP.</p> <p>If passed a {@link com.sun.syndication.fetcher.impl.FeedFetcherCache} in the constructor it will use conditional gets to only retrieve modified content.</p> <p>The class uses the Accept-Encoding: gzip header to ...
  • org.openlaszlo.utils.FileUtils
    A dir is absolute if it begins with "" (the empty string to the left of the initial '/'), or a drive letter. Add '/' since c:/ will be split to c:, which isn't absolute. Also turns "" into "/" which is absolute, so the UNIX case can share this test. A utility class containing file utility functio ...
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