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  • HTTPClient.Cookie2
    This class represents an http cookie as specified in the <A HREF=""> HTTP State Management Mechanism spec</A> (also known as a version 1 cookie). @version 0.3-2 18/06/1999 @author Ronald Tschalär @since V0.3 ...
  • HTTPClient.HttpURLConnection
    This class is a wrapper around HTTPConnection providing the interface defined by and <P>This class can be used to replace the HttpClient in the JDK with this HTTPClient by defining the property <code>java.protocol.handler.pkgs=HTTPCli ...
  • HTTPClient.Cookie
    This class represents an http cookie as specified in <a HREF="">Netscape's cookie spec</a> @version 0.3-2 18/06/1999 @author Ronald Tschalär @since V0.3
  • tutorial.SimpleConnectionHandler
    Simple connection handler for our web server. It conforms to HTTP/1.0 only. This handler will perform the following tasks: <ul> <li>Parse the request <li>Build the reply <li>Send the reply </ul> @author <a HREF="">Avalon Development ...
  • org.apache.bsf.debug.serverImpl.GatedListener
  • HTTPClient.RoResponse
    This interface represents read-only interface of an intermediate http response. It is the compile-time type passed to various handlers which might the response info but musn't modify the response. @version 0.3-2 18/06/1999 @author Ronald Tschalär
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