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    @author <a HREF="">Jochen Wiedmann</a> <p>This class provides access to the parsers internal data. The <code>Context</code> instance is stored as a thread local element, thus accessible via a static method.</p>
  • org.apache.xalan.processor.StylesheetHandler
    Initializes and processes a stylesheet via SAX events. This class acts as essentially a state machine, maintaining a ContentHandler stack, and pushing appropriate content handlers as parse events occur. @xsl.usage advanced
  • nu.xom.tests.XMLWriter
    <p> The original version of this class was written and placed in the public domain by David Megginson. Elliotte Rusty Harold added <code>LexicalHandler</code> support. It is included here purely for help with testing the <code>SAXConverter</code> class. It is not part ...
    <p>Implementation of xs:schema. Follows this specification: <pre> &lt;xs:element name="schema" id="schema"&gt; &lt;xs:annotation&gt; &lt;xs:documentation source=""/&gt; &lt;/xs:annotation&gt; &lt;xs:comp ...
  • org.apache.xalan.transformer.TransformSnapshotImpl
    This class holds a "snapshot" of it's current transformer state, which can later be restored. This only saves state which can change over the course of the side-effect-free (i.e. no extensions that call setURIResolver, etc.). @deprecated It doesn't look like this code, which is for tooling, has ...
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