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  • org.apache.commons.collections.ReferenceMap
    Hash-based {@link Map} implementation that allows mappings to be removed by the garbage collector.<p> When you construct a <code>ReferenceMap</code>, you can specify what kind of references are used to store the map's keys and values. If non-hard references are used, then the g ...
  • org.jboss.util.collection.WeakValueHashMap
    This Map will remove entries when the value in the map has been cleaned from garbage collection @version <tt>$Revision: 1.4 $</tt> @author <a HREF="">Bill Burke</a>
  • freemarker.cache.SoftCacheStorage
    Strong cache storage is a cache storage that uses {@link SoftReference} objects to hold the objects it was passed, therefore allows the garbage collector to purge the cache when it determines that it wants to free up memory. This class is <em>NOT</em> thread-safe. If it is accessed fro ...
  • org.eclipse.jdi.internal.ValueCache
    This class is used to cache values. It uses soft references to store cached values. Once a value is garbage collected by the VM, the corresponding entry is removed from the cache on the next invocation of put() or get(). Note that WeakHashMap can't be used for this purpose because in WeakHashMap ...
  • org.fjank.jcache.StreamCacheObject
    A cacheobject which reads/writes the content with the aid of Input/Outputstreams Contains an internal reference to the wrapped object, so the override of SoftReference is probably broken on this object... @author Frank Karlstrøm
  • org.python.core.SoftIInternalTables
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