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  • nu.xom.tests.BuilderTest
    <p> Tests building documents from streams, strings, files, and other input sources. </p> @author Elliotte Rusty Harold @version 1.0
  • net.sf.saxon.Configuration
    This class holds details of user-selected configuration options for a transformation or query. When running XSLT, the preferred way of setting configuration options is via the JAXP TransformerFactory interface, but the Configuration object provides a finer level of control. As yet there is no stan ...
    <p> <code>SAXReader</code> creates a DOM4J tree from SAX parsing events. </p> <p> The actual SAX parser that is used by this class is configurable so you can use your favourite SAX parser if you wish. DOM4J comes configured with its own SAX parser so you do not need ...
  • nu.xom.Builder
    <p> This class is responsible for creating XOM <code>Document</code> objects from a URL, file, string, or input stream by reading an XML document. A SAX parser is used to read the document and report any well-formedness errors. </p> @author Elliotte Rusty Harold @version ...
  • org.objectstyle.cayenne.conf.ConfigLoader
    Class that performs runtime loading of Cayenne configuration. @author Andrei Adamchik
  • sax.SAXCount
    A sample SAX counter. This sample program illustrates how to register a SAX DocumentHandler and receive the callbacks in order to print information about the document. @version
  • TraxExamples
    Some examples to show how the Simple API for Transformations could be used. @author <a HREF="">Scott Boag</a>
    <p> <code>SAXValidator</code> validates an XML document by writing the document to a text buffer and parsing it with a validating SAX parser. This could be implemented much more efficiently by validating against the dom4j object model directly but at least allows the reuse of exi ...
  • sax.SAXWriter
    A sample SAX writer. This sample program illustrates how to register a SAX DocumentHandler and receive the callbacks in order to print a document that is parsed. @version
  • org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.Digester
    <p>A <strong>Digester</strong> processes an XML input stream by matching a series of element nesting patterns to execute Rules that have been added prior to the start of parsing. This package was inspired by the <code>XmlMapper</code> class that was part of Tomcat 3. ...
  • com.thaiopensource.validate.schematron.SchemaReaderImpl
    JaxMe's {@link javax.xml.bind.Unmarshaller} implementation.
  • org.enhydra.convert.xml.RoleLinkImpl
  • org.openlaszlo.xml.internal.XMLUtils
    XMLUtils @author Oliver Steele
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