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  • org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.impl.XMLParserPoolImpl
    This is the default implementation of XMLParserPool. Note: this implementation is not thread safe.
    A little diagnostic helper that output some information that may help in support. It should quickly give correct information about the jar existing in ant.home/lib and the jar versions... @since Ant 1.5
  • Examples
    Some examples to show how the Simple API for Transformations could be used. Xalan Developers: please see xml-xalan/test/java/src/org/apache/qetest/trax/ when updating this file, and update that test file as well. @author <a HREF="">Scott Boag< ...
  • org.apache.tapestry.util.xml.RuleDirectedParser
    A simplified version of {@link org.apache.commons.digester.Digester}. This version is without as many bells and whistles but has some key features needed when parsing a document (rather than a configuration file): <br> <ul> <li>Notifications for each bit of text </ul> <l ...
  • encoding.DecodingTest
  • parser.dom.JAXPSAXDOMDriver
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