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  • org.enhydra.jawe.xml.XML
    Class which purpose is to provide methods which are used by classes that represents program apstraction of XML elements. These methods offers support for reading or writting an XML document and for generating the tooltips for for the classes that needs it.
  • net.nutch.fs.LocalFileSystem
    Implement the NutchFileSystem interface for the local disk. This is pretty easy. The interface exists so we can use either remote or local Files very easily. @author Mike Cafarella
  • org.jrobin.core.RrdFileBackend
    JRobin backend which is used to store RRD data to ordinary files on the disk. This was the default factory before 1.4.0 version<p> This backend is based on the RandomAccessFile class (* package).
  • net.nutch.db.WebDBReader
    The WebDBReader implements all the read-only parts of accessing our web database. All the writing ones can be found in WebDBWriter. @author Mike Cafarella
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