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  • javax.sound.midi.MidiSystem
    The <code>MidiSystem</code> class provides access to the installed MIDI system resources, including devices such as synthesizers, sequencers, and MIDI input and output ports. A typical simple MIDI application might begin by invoking one or more <code>MidiSystem</code> meth ...
  • javax.sound.midi.spi.MidiDeviceProvider
    A <code>MidiDeviceProvider</code> is a factory or provider for a particular type of MIDI device. This mechanism allows the implementation to determine how resources are managed in the creation and management of a device. @version 1.19 03/12/19 @author Kara Kytle
  • javax.sound.midi.Sequencer
    A hardware or software device that plays back a MIDI <code>{@link Sequence sequence}</code> is known as a <em>sequencer</em>. A MIDI sequence contains lists of time-stamped MIDI data, such as might be read from a standard MIDI file. Most sequencers also provide functions f ...
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