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  • org.apache.myfaces.application.ApplicationImpl
    DOCUMENT ME! @author Manfred Geiler (latest modification by $Author: matzew $) @author Anton Koinov @author Thomas Spiegl @version $Revision: 1.37 $ $Date: 2005/03/10 10:26:00 $ $Log:,v $ Revision 1.37 2005/03/10 10:26:00 matzew Patch for the ApplicationImpl form Mike Traum ...
  • org.eclipse.ui.internal.activities.Persistence
    $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ $NON-NLS-1$ no-op
  • org.webdocwf.util.loader.Loader
    <p> Loader class loads data from source database into target database using criteria set in XML file which is used as parameter. Also Loader can execute SQL statements which import from XML file. <br> All loading rolls are set in XML file. Some capabilities of this loader are: there co ...
  • javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase
    see Javadoc of JSF Specification @author Manfred Geiler (latest modification by $Author: matzew $) @version $Revision: 1.15 $ $Date: 2005/03/20 17:26:37 $ $Log:,v $ Revision 1.15 2005/03/20 17:26:37 matzew Component identifiers must obey the following syntax restrictions: ...
  • org.apache.commons.collections.IteratorUtils
    Provides static utility methods and decorators for {@link Iterator} instances. The implementations are provided in the iterators subpackage. <p> WARNING: Due to human error certain binary incompatabilities were introduced between Commons Collections 2.1 and 3.0. The class remained source and ...
  • org.quickserver.util.MyString
    Just a simple String utility class. @author Akshathkumar Shetty
  • javax.faces.render.Renderer
    @author Manfred Geiler (latest modification by $Author: mwessendorf $) @version $Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2004/07/01 22:01:19 $
  • com.jgoodies.forms.layout.FormLayout
    FormLayout is a powerful, flexible and precise general purpose layout manager. It aligns components vertically and horizontally in a dynamic rectangular grid of cells, with each component occupying one or more cells. A <a HREF="../../../../../whitepaper.pdf" target="secondary">whitepaper< ...
  • org.eclipse.jface.bindings.BindingManager
    <p> A central repository for bindings -- both in the defined and undefined states. Schemes and bindings can be created and retrieved using this manager. It is possible to listen to changes in the collection of schemes and bindings by adding a listener to the manager. </p> <p> The ...
  • org.eclipse.ui.internal.util.Util
    Abstract class to make the implementation of the Media Entity Bean cleaner. <p>It implements most of the <code>javax.emb.Media</code>, <code>javax.emb.MediaEntityLocal</code> and <code>javax.emb.MediaEntityLocalHome</code> required methods, and leaves the ...
  • org.apache.cactus.sample.servlet.unit.TestJspTagLifecycle
    Tests for the <code>JspTagLifecycle</code> extension. <p> The lifecycle helper is tested here by testing the core tags of the reference implementation of the JSP standard tag library (JSTL), available at <a HREF="">. </p> @version $ ...
  • org.apache.avalon.fortress.test.MetaInfoEntryTestCase
    MetaInfoEntryTestCase does tests the meta info entry class @author <a HREF="">Avalon Development Team</a> @version CVS Revision: 1.1 $
    <p>Default implementation of an SQLFactory.</p> @author <a HREF="">Jochen Wiedmann</a>
  • org.objectweb.proactive.examples.binarytree.TreeApplet
    <p> The binary tree is an a recursive data structure. A tree is composed of a root node, and each node has two potential child nodes. Here, each node is an active object, allowing large data structures to be distributed aver the network. </p> @author ProActive Team @version 1.0, 200 ...
  • org.apache.commons.lang.mutable.MutableByteTest
    JUnit tests. @version $Id: 161244 2005-04-14 06:16:36Z ggregory $ @see MutableByte
    <p>Implementation of <code>xml:lang</code>.</p> @author <a HREF="">Jochen Wiedmann</a>
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